About Me


I am currently a doctoral student at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. My doctoral research focuses on development of theoretical and computer simulation tools in the field of molecular quantum dynamics. My Master’s studies at ETH focused on quantum computation and quantum information processing. I therefore have expertise in the theory side of both chemistry and physics.

I am interested in creating novel technologies to solve challenging problems in quantum chemistry, materials discovery, and optimization among others. Quantum technologies offer an appealing solution to these problems. In particular, research in near-term quantum computers appeal me, as these devices bring us one step closer to developing a universal quantum device, which holds enormous promise to provide a full quantum solution to the aforementioned challenges effectively. I am therefore always interested in new opportunities in this field.  I actively look to explore the development and implementation side of quantum computers, especial those that rely on superconducting circuits.

I am also keen in giving back to the community. I am one of the founding members of a team of roughly 20 experts from Nepal and abroad cooperatively working to fight the COVID-19 crisis in Nepal. We have recently been awarded The Covid-19 High Performance Computing consortium grant, which gives us access to the powerful supercomputers dedicated to fight the Coronavirus crisis.